Fast & transparant process.

Obtaining a crypto company license feels like a summer breeze for you

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Using streamlined processes we deliver quality results fast.

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Benefit from our proactive approach, always updated with the latest regulatory changes

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    Cryptocurrency license services

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    Fast & transparant process.
    Fast & transparant process.

    Obtaining a crypto company license feels like a summer breeze for you

    Fast & transparant process.
    We get it done for you.

    Using streamlined processes we deliver quality results fast.

    Fast & transparant process.
    World-class service.

    Unparalleled prices compared to the rest of the world.

    Fast & transparant process.
    Stay Ahead of the Curve.

    Benefit from our proactive approach, always updated with the latest regulatory changes

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    Step-by-step crypto license guidance

    Navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency licensing with ease. Our step-by-step assistance ensures all forms are accurate, documents are ready, and submissions are precise, boosting your chances for a successful crypto license approval.


    Overview: Before diving into your cryptocurrency license application process, we assess your business model, operations, and goals to determine the licenses you might need.

    What you get: A clear roadmap of required applications, potential challenges, and a strategy to address them.


    Overview: Essential documents form the backbone of any crypto licensing application. We assist you in identifying, collecting, and reviewing necessary documents to ensure they meet regulatory standards.

    Examples: Proof of funds, operational manuals, company policies, technical security measures, executive backgrounds and more.


    Overview: Filling out forms can be tedious and complex. Our team provides you with hands-on support, ensuring every detail is correctly addressed.

    Benefits for you: Step-by-step guidance, clarification on tricky questions, and review of completed forms for accuracy.


    Overview: For certain licenses, regulators might require interviews. We prepare you with mock interviews, ensuring you’re ready for any questions.

    Benefits for you: Enhanced confidence, understanding of potential concerns, and a refined strategy to address regulatory queries.


    Overview: Once your application is ready, we guide you through the submission process, ensuring it reaches the right department or personnel. We also manage follow-ups, addressing queries or providing additional information as needed.

    Outcome: Streamlined communication with regulatory bodies, quicker resolution of concerns, and a higher success rate of application approval.


    Overview: If an application requires revisions or is not approved in the first go, we analyze feedback, make necessary adjustments, and resubmit.

    Benefits for you: Faster turnaround times, understanding of regulatory concerns, and increased chances of approval in subsequent attempts.


    Overview: Regulations and application requirements can change. We continuously monitor any changes in crypto licensing requirements and notify you if updates to your application or additional submissions are needed.

    Benefits for you: Stay proactive, minimize chances of application rejection due to outdated information, and ensure faster approval.

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    Read how we helped our customers acquire a crypto license.

    I had an honor to work with Lena for last few years and I would highly recomend her to all who would need her services. It’s been a pleasure and very easy work and communication. Good kind & reliable person. True professional who provides professional services and timely response to all inquiries. Follows up with all updates and makes sure u are in the best standing u can be with your business by making sure that u are educated of what’s new and compliant.

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Ingrida Laukiene

    Founder of DiamondBack Group

    Lena was very helpful in establishing our company in Estonia and providing anxilliary services. I recommend her for your business needs in Estonia.

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    John Ro

    Founder at SwanFinance

    A very professional, reliable & resourceful consultant. She has been helpful in setting up our company and securing the licenses in Estonia. Highly recommended !!!

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Vincent Chow

    Business Development Director

    My colleagues and I have had the opportunity to work with Lena while incorporating our business in Estonia. I feel compelled to write this recommendation for she did an amazing job facilitating the obtention of our license, creation of our bank account and so on…Besides Lena was a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who intends to establish a company in Estonia.

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Stephane Laurent Villedieu

    My experience working with Lena Elvbakken has been rewarding…Not only did Lena meet all my expectations, but went the extra mile to ensure that I I aquired my Crypto Licenses…Thanks Lena for your great efforts and timely communication.👍

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Ty Phillips

    CEO & Founder at CCVAULT OÜ

    Punctual and reliable are the phrases that come to mind when I think about Lena and her Cunsulting24 Agency. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her. Above all, I was impressed with Lena’s ability to connect with people easily and her effective working style. Lena would be a true asset in Cunsulting24, her expertise and wisdom comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Joha, J. Sulaymonov

    Founder & Project Lead at Bictory Finance

    We worked with Lena to set up a company in estonia in 2019 and to aquire the licences for crypto to fiat exchange. The work was accurate and quick. We are still in business relationship and can recommend her services.

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Kai-Uwe Schnier

    Sales Marketing Manager WebConnect World SL

    I operate in the EU since 2016 and I have dealt with various law firms and consultants across Europe. I can say this without any doubt that Lena is one of the best people I have worked with in the EU. Working with her has been absolutely a flawless experience at all levels.

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Mehul Patel

    Great mixture of positive attitude and professionalism. I rarely recommend someone, but Lena did such a great job while I was getting my lisense , so I couldn’t stay silent. Thank u 🙏

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Arut Nazaryan

    Lena was super helpful in setting up our crypto business and acquiring licenses in Estonia. I will absolutely recommend her services.

    Ingrida Laukiene Ingrida Laukiene
    Laolu Samuel-Biyi

    Compare Lithuania and Dubai crypto regulation.

    lithunian-flg Lithuania dubai-flg Dubai
    License Type
    Government fee
    Cryptocurrency exchange license
    Arrow No additional Government fee
    Advisory Services & VA Transfer and Settlement Services
    Arrow 9,700€
    License Type
    Government fee
    Crypto wallet and custodian services license
    Arrow No additional Government fee
    Broker-Dealer, Custody, Exchange, Lending and Borrowing & VA Management and Investment Services
    Arrow 24,250€
    Audit Not required May be required by VARA
    Office Can be virtual Required
    AML (Anti-Money Laundry Officer) Local needed Can be any nationality
    AML monthly salary Starting from 1200€ 5000€
    Local director Not needed Can be any nationality
    Local director monthly salary N/A N/A
    Share capital terms 125,000€, 25% now, 75% within a year. 24,250€ (Advisory Services) - 194,000€ (Exchange Services)

    Tax Comparison for Lithuania, Estonia and Dubai

    lithunian-flg Lithuania dubai-flg Dubai
    Dividends 15% 0%
    Corporate tax Companies with fewer than ten employees and yearly revenues under EUR 300,000 pay 0% Corporate Income Tax in their first year and 5% after. All other companies pay 15%." Profits up to AED 375,000 are tax-free, but any profits above that are taxed at 9%.

    The consulting24 team

    Consulting24 competitive edge is built on unparalleled industry knowledge and years of exclusively working with hundreds of crypto companies.

    Mardo Soo

    Our experience consistently highlights that Lithuania’s licenses stand unparalleled in the crypto industry. It’s the preferred choice for forward-thinking enterprises aiming for growth and compliance.

    Lena Elvbakken

    Lithuania’s licenses have proven to be the gold standard, especially with a swift setup time of 30-60 days. This efficiency, coupled with robust regulations, makes it the top choice for visionary enterprises.

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